Fashion Week Calendar


The SOCIETY Fashion Week is once again listed on The Official New York Fashion Week Calendar through Fashion Week Online.  Considered the architect of the largest Touring Fashion Show acknowledged both nationally and internationally within the fashion industry, The SOCIETY Fashion Week is also notorious for Runway Production, Fashion Designers, Buyers and Pop Up Shops.

How to attend New York Fashion Week:

  1. While The SOCIETY Fashion Week does have Private and Industry only shows, we pride ourselves on bringing the true fashion industry strictly from a B2C (Business to Customer) point of view, and is the main reason we provide so many shows with public access.  To reserve your tickets, simply visit our event page: click here for tickets
  2. New York Fashion Week Kick-Off Party: Open to the General Public for the first time with highly limited ticket availability, New York Fashion Week’s Kick-Off Party.  Register to receive one of fashion’s most coveted invites, a night surround by Industry Professionals, Fashion Designers, Models, and more.  Guests will have access to exclusive, on-site hospitality, gain unmatched insider extras, and more.  Join the waiting list for the most coveted New York Fashion Week experience.
  3. Shoppable Video: Are you a Fashion Designer looking to immediately transform your Runway looks into revenue, or a Fashion Lover tired of waiting for the hottest trends to hit the racks or your favorite online store?  No longer is that an issue!  Once again, The SOCIETY Fashion Week is transforming the Fashion Industry by Exclusively offering Shoppable Video within all our cities starting at New York Fashion Week S/S 2018!


Fashion Week Online: Official New York Fashion Week Calendar

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