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The SOCIETY is a globally renowned fashion company and one of the largest brands within PLATOON Entertainment’s scope of events and productions.  Coming onto the scene producing events in the world’s most competitive markets such as New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and more.  The SOCIETY quickly took the Fashion Industry by storm and continually resets the bar that all other shows aim to live to.  The SOCIETY has since grown into an internationally acclaimed Fashion Experience that was one of the first Fashion Week productions that put an immense focus on making Fashion Week’s an inclusive experience for all, by bringing outside patrons, while transforming an industry known for B2B (business to business) interactions into a heavy B2C (business to customer) experience.  In addition with their worldwide experience in Live Entertainment Production, they have completely remodeled the business format, being the only large scale Fashion Production company to keep their entire Event Production in-house.

Not only that, The SOCIETY is the only large scale production company in the world to have both a large scale Fashion Week experience along with a full Fashion Trade Show.  With Fashion Designers and Exhibitors coming from around the world to participate within our events it only makes sense to choose an event that offers everything, with an experience from beginning to end.


The SOCIETY’s Fashion Week experience is built on merging the Fashion Industry with the leading concert touring production.  Through this business philosophy, The SOCIETY has grown to one of the major players within the Fashion Week Production Industry.  Whether you are a ticket holder looking for the seasons newest fashion, exclusive event invitations, or are a Fashion Designer looking to share your brand with the world by reaching new audiences, and benefitting from our multi-channel sales platform, the decision is easy.  After all, we do not just produce events, we produce once in a lifetime experiences.


Leveraging our history as a company who likes to push the boundaries within the world of technology, and who is also a worldwide Production Company, it only made sense to add Fashion Trade Show to our repertoire, especially after our renowned success within the Fashion Week circuit.  What makes The SOCIETY’s Fashion Trade Shows different has been our same business philosophy from the start, to leverage our strength within the industry, our B2C sales for all our exhibitors.  In addition, partnering within the same venue as our Fashion Weeks immediately puts our Fashion Trade Show on the map by simply using the large scale volume of attendee’s we already have and simply spreading those through the Fashion Trade Show.  Whether you are an attendee, exhibitor, buyer, press, media, or sponsor, our Fashion Trade Show has not only scaled at an unheard of rate, however it has benefitted absolutely every single person that enters our events.



The SOCIETY Fashion Week is the architect of the largest Touring Fashion Show acknowledged both nationally and internationally within the fashion industry. Join the largest Fashion Tour within the United States. A Fashion Tour notorious for Runway Production, Fashion Designers, Buyers and Pop Up Shops. The SOCIETY Fashion Week, an unmatched experience on THE forecasted trends in the Fashion World!

The SOCIETY Fashion Week

The SOCIETY Fashion Week

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