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Are you a Fashion Designer looking to immediately transform your Runway looks into revenue, or a Fashion Lover tired of waiting for the hottest trends to hit the racks or your favorite online store?  No longer is that an issue!  Once again, The SOCIETY Fashion Week is transforming the Fashion Industry by Exclusively offering Shoppable Video within all our cities starting at New York Fashion Week S/S 2018!

What does all this mean you ask?  Simply, while the Fashion Love is viewing our livestream and see’s a garment, accessories, or jacket they fancy, simply click the ‘add to cart’ straight from the shoppable video player and check out.  This not only helps generate immediate revenue to our Fashion Designers, but also builds a strong network of Business to Client relationships with Fashion Designers with immense talent, and provide their clothing to our faithful fan base that is currently sitting at over 100,000 hits a month.

But that’s not where it stops!  Once the show is completed, the video transform into a ‘Video On Demand’ situation where for the foreseeable future the show’s video will loop on our website, and also every single Press and Media site that embeds our very simple video code to show the video on their website.


  • Shoppable looks/products during first live runway
  • VOD shoppable looks w/ runway or edited video (minutes after the runway concludes)
  • Simple distributable embed code to expand reach
  • Customizable to match collection/brand creative
  • No third party registration/log in required of users/customers
  • Analytics on all user intent on products/looks
  • Workflow integration with ecomm platforms


New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, and Paris Fashion Weeks


New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, and Paris Fashion Weeks

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