Experience creators, business family, philanthropist, do whatever it takers, and visionaries.  Over their working career, Brady + Krissy King have been known as many things.  Inspired through their love of business, the live entertainment industry, as well as a need to change the Fashion Show Industry, the team put together a plan that is literally setting a new standard globally.  As the founders and creators of the largest compilations of Fashion Week’s within the industry, they strive to create unforgettable experiences for our ticket holders, as well as using their business acumen and resources to help Fashion Brands grow within a highly competitive segment.

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We started The SOCIETY in the hopes of fixing an industry that was in much need of a face lift.  At the time, the Fashion Industry was highly exclusive, and quite frankly lost their original path in catering to the mass public.  After all, the vast majority of body types are no where near similar, and endless you knew someone, the chances of getting into a show were nearly impossible.

Our aim was to change just that.

Our focus was on creating an environment that was inclusive to as many individuals as possible.  To bring all fashion lovers together so they could experience the excitement, and feeling of Fashion Week’s around the globe with a focus on all body types.  Whether you are small, medium, large, tall, or short, have studied fashion your entire life, or this is your first Fashion Show ever, we are a family, and we wanted to create a diverse environment that could focus on the excitement of Fashion Week’s, not the exclusion.

To date, we have been extremely successful in opening this new door way.

So welcome to The SOCIETY family!  We throw parties, we build art, we bring Fashion Designers and Buyers together, we bring the EDM Festival world to the Fashion Industry.  Bottom line, we bring together all lovers of fashion together into an immersive environment, and above all, we strive to be a positive force within this culture – and we want to inspire you to do the same.

See you at the next show,

Brady + Krissy King